Matthew Moore | About my work
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I am an artist and fourth generation farmer based in the desert Southwest outside of Phoenix, Arizona. My art practice explores the broad issue of place making, often by creating large scale installations and environments with the goal of achieving a state of wonderment, contemplation, and invitation to change. It may seem a strange accompaniment, farming and art, but they share deeply rooted similarities. Both farming and art give us complex ways of understanding the world and our place in it. Often I find that farming is an endeavour of questioning and exploration, the same negotiations inherent in the the practice of making art. For me, making art is creating questioning observations of how we live, and illuminating those choices to incite new discourse on what it is to be human. Living as an artist today is a shifting landscape, where galleries and museums are not the end of a practice. While I continually engage those platforms, I find myself creating strategic partnerships with institutions and businesses to infuse a creative web of ideas and influence those relationships. All with the goal of having as much artistic impact in the greater social sphere. I feel deeply rooted to the cause to show how important the arts and artists are to our culture, our sense of place, and our future in these complex times.

Avenieda Rio Salado

Public Art is a important part of my art practice.  Site specific projects in public spaces create the opportunity and challenge to create artwork for audiences outside the mainstreams of the art world.


Over the past decade I have been collaborating with institutions to create site specific exhibitions, commissioned works for group shows, as well as traveling exhibitions with art projects from my past.

The Culls - Entry View 2
Passage - Upward View 9
For information on gallery representation and opportunities to collect past works, contact me or the galleries listed below.
Lisa Sette Gallery (

From furniture to site specific installations and consulting, private commissions from institutions, collectors, and businesses are an expanding aspect of my practice.  To learn more contact me, or visit

Craftsman Bungalow View 1

For over a decade, I have been speaking at universities, conferences, and museums.  I speak on art, agriculture, place-making and sustainability.