Matthew Moore | Lifecycles: Nuit Blanche
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Lifecycles: Nuit Blanche

The Lifecycles installation at Nuit Blanche used a six-screen 32-foot circular video installation to transformed Pecaut Square for one night with imagery of vibrant growth cycles in the heart of an urban setting. The installation combined brilliant visual imagery with original musical arrangements to highlight the intimate time-based processes integral to agriculture. Bridging nature and culture, it created a space for natural cycles at the heart of an urban setting that often overrides such rhythms. The all-night festival included more than 150 projects, from small to large scale, throughout the city and was attended by thousands of visitors from around the world. Crowds of people stopped to watch lettuce, radish, squash, and other vegetables grow before their eyes. Some stayed for hours. Using the wonderment and simplicity of growth cycles to captures people’s attention, the entire 26-minute film cycle was seen by thousands of people over the course of the night.




six 10’ circular screens, 30’ diameter


Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Toronto, CA


composed by Michael Krassner


Public Art