Matthew Moore | Resume
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Matt is a multi-media artist and fourth-generation farmer based in Phoenix, Arizona. His video and installation artworks are exhibited internationally. He lectures on art and agriculture across the country from San Francisco to New York, and most recently appeared at the 2014 TEDxManhattan. His work has been exhibited at the Phoenix Art Museum, the Sundance Film Festival, the Walker Art Center, MassMoCA, the World Congress of Soil Science in Korea, and Nuit Blanche in Canada, among many other venues. He has been featured in publications including Art Forum, Art in America, Art Lies, Metropolis, Dwell, and Architecture.

Guest Artist: Santa Fe Art Institute

Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Guest Artist: New Media Scotland

New Media Scotland, LateLab, Ediburgh, Scotland.

Speaker: TEDxManhattan

TEDxManhattan: Changing the Way We Eat, “How Art Changes the Way We Eat,” New York, NY.

Lecturer: San Jose Museum of Art

San Jose Museum of Art, “Seeds of Change,” San Jose, CA.

Lecturer: ASU Global Institute of Sustainability

ASU Global Institute of Sustainability, “Seeds for Conversation: Land-use Change in Art and Sustainability,” Phoenix, AZ.

Lecturer: Creative Capital

Creative Capital Project Highlight Event, New York City, NY.

Speaker: Kellogg Foundation

Kellogg Foundation Food and Community Meeting, Chandler, AZ.

Speaker: Idea Festival

Idea Festival, “Creating the Artful Organization,” Louisville, KY.

Speaker: Astor Center

Astor Center, Presentation with Lisa Hamilton and Dan Barber, New York City, NY.

Speaker: Plain Green Conference

Plain Green Conference, Sioux Falls, SD.

Guest Artist: Berlage Institute

Berlage Institute, Architectural Reviews/Roundtable, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Lecturer: Colorado Art Ranch

Colorado Art Ranch, “Land Use Ideals,” Steamboat Springs, CO.

Guest Juror: Berlage Institute

Berlage Institute, Guest Juror for Graduate Midterm Architectural Reviews, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Speaker: Farmlab Public Salon

Farmlab Public Salon, “From Agriculture to Suburbia: Cultivating the Oasis,” Los Angeles, CA.

Guest Artist: Colorado Land Trust Alliance

Colorado Land Trust Alliance, Denver, CO.

Speaker: ASU Global Institute of Sustainability

ASU Global Institute of Sustainability, “Vanishing Agricultural Landscapes: Matthew Moore,” Phoenix, AZ.

Lecturer: The Sonoma County Museum

The Sonoma County Museum and The American Institute of Architects, “Beyond Regionalism: Beyond Green,” Santa, Rosa, CA.

Speaker: Arizona Commission on the Arts

Arizona Commission on the Arts, Governors Arts Festival, Flagstaff, AZ.

Speaker: SWAC

SWAC (Southwest Arts Conference), Glendale, AZ.

Guest Artist: Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA.

Workshop: University of Northern Iowa

University of Northern Iowa, Metal Fabrications Workshop, Cedar Falls, IA.

Lecture: Hearst Center for the Arts

Hearst Center for the Arts, “Artist Lectures from Gardens to Main,” Cedar Falls, IA.