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NPR The Story | 2007

NPR’s The Story
Interview with Dick Gordon

Matthew Moore grew up farming outside of Phoenix, Arizona. One summer when he came home from art school, he noticed developers had chopped down an old grove of citrus trees that had been there for as long as he could remember. The trees had blocked his view of the city. Suddenly, Matt could see hundreds of new neighbors. The suburbs were much closer than he had realized.READ MORE

NPR All Things Considered | 2004

NPR: All Things Considered with Steve Goldstein
Interview by Abigail Beshkin

The unrelenting sprawl of tract houses and big box stores has made its way to Wadell, Arizona, outside of Phoenix, pushing out small farms. Matt Moore’s family has farmed there for decades, and before his farm becomes a subdivision, he decided to make art about it, by plowing the floor plans of tract houses into his barley fields. Abigail Beshkin from KJZZ in Phoenix has the story of the farmer with a Masters in Fine Art.READ MORE