Matthew Moore | Digital Farm Collective
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Digital Farm Collective

As a fourth generation farmer whose land and life are quickly being overcome by suburbia, I was inspired to create the Digital Farm Collective to collect and share the images of the most important daily process of agriculture, the growth of our produce. Using time-lapse photography, I began the process of filming everything I grew and inviting other farmers from around the world to do the same. Solar powered camera units, each equipped with a weather station to monitor the environmental growing conditions of the plant, took a photo and a reading every 15 minutes from the time a seed was planted to the time the plant was harvested. Each full growing cycle was compiled into a time-lapse film showing a single production cycle of each plant or tree. These films, along with scientific agricultural data and interviews with farmers were compiled to create an international database. The Digital Farm Collective strived to bridge the knowledge gap between farmer and consumer, improve future growing practices, and to reconnect people with the food that they eat. The time-lapse films combined the magic of watching food grow and the knowledge of the time it takes for a plant to mature to help shift the way people relate to their food. The films are used for educational curriculum, installations in supermarkets and public spaces, and as a resource for future growers.




time-lapse film, video, education


Public Art