Matthew Moore | Passage
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Passage is a large, sculptural shade structure designed for the Mariposa Land Port of Entry in Nogales, on the border of Arizona and Mexico. It depicts the abstracted topography of an inverted mountain range, its craggy peaks pointing down. The piece was inspired by my deep connection to the Arizona landscape, as well as the dramatic mountain passages that frame the otherwise flat terrain of the Southwest. Passage takes its shape from the nearby Baboquivari Mountains, which run north-south across the border. For millennia, mountain ranges have served as important navigational landmarks for both people and animals. They surround and direct the flow of human population throughout this seemingly perilous environment. To evoke this sense of migration, I affixed a pathway of colored acrylic markers across the artwork’s metallic landscape. These markers also reference the daily passage of travelers through the port facility. The dynamic play of shadows cast by the artwork and the light filtering through and bouncing off its aluminum surfaces create ever-changing experiences for those walking beneath the sculpture.




water-jet-cut aluminum and acrylic


92' x 15' x 4'


Mariposa Land Port of Entry, Nogales, Arizona


Public Art